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Absentee voting began Friday, September 18
Election Date is Tuesday, November 3

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Click here for the South Dakota Chamber's official NO Way on Amendment A white paper.

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South Dakota Chamber Leads Fight Against Recreational Marijuana

NO Way on Amendment A

- It’s a Workforce Issue
- Does NOT Belong in the State’s Constitution
- Puts Youth at Risk – Increased Exposure


There are three measures on the General Election ballot this fall.  One deals with wagering on sports teams and will be discussed in a future edition of Venture Capitol.  The other two deal with marijuana.

  • Initiated Measure-26 legalizes marijuana for certain medical uses
  • Amendment-A legalizes marijuana for recreational use for everyone 21 years of age or older

The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry is leading the “NO Way on Amendment A” effort to defeat recreational marijuana and keep it out of the Constitution.  Amendment A will make marijuana legal for more than 600,000 people in South Dakota and that doesn’t include the young people who will have increased exposure to the drug, just as they have access to booze and cigarettes today.  

Click here to read the Chamber’s White Paper explaining what Amendment A does, how it got on the ballot, who is paying for the campaign and reasons it should be defeated. 

One point is paramount for people wanting to make marijuana available for those who seek medicinal relief – IM-26 legalizes marijuana for those purposes so voters don’t have to put Amendment A in the Constitution to make medical marijuana legal.  The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce is not taking a position on IM-26 but is working to defeat Amendment-A and wants voters to understand the difference.   

Keeping marijuana out of the Constitution and keeping our children away from increased exposure to another form of impairment will take effort and money.  Are you willing to help?  Click here to leave a message for the NO Way on Amendment A team if you can forward messages or are willing to make a contribution.  The proponents have already imported nearly a million dollars just to get on the ballot.  The NO Way on Amendment A coalition has to fight their next million . . . or two.  Send us a message if you can help.


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