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The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry performs a beneficial service for the businesses of South Dakota. It effectively lobbies and campaigns to reduce or hold down business costs stemming from taxes, high workers' compensation rates and excessive regulation. The activities of the State Chamber have increased the attractiveness of the South Dakota business climate, which has resulted in more jobs, an improved state economy and higher income levels.

The South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry works hard to assure our state has a strong business atmosphere. The State Chamber helps its members understand issues important to business that are not covered by major media outlets and allows business to have a voice in public policy.

Benefits of membership in the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

  • Weekly Legislative Reports
  • Access to Bill Tracking Services
  • Legislative Handbook
  • Legislative Wrap-Up Report
  • Business Day at the Legislature
  • Business and Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC)
  • A strong, united voice in the Legislature
  • Up-to-the-minute information on regulatory issues
  • Leadership in economic development issues
  • Access to legislative information
  • Access to South Dakota's key decision makers
  • Statewide political involvement
  • Business networking opportunities
  • Assistance in meeting regulatory challenges
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