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David Owen's Pre-Legislative Tour Presentation - Click here

2018 South Dakota Legislative Session

SD Chamber Bill Tracking List 
Click here for 2018 activity.

The Chamber has not previously had a way to show the number of bills that might be of interest to members.  

Click on the link above to see an expanded list of bills the Chamber actively followed during the 2018 Legislative Session.  With each bill, readers will see the main sponsors of bill; the Chamber’s position whether it is supporting, opposing, or monitoring; votes in committee; and on the floor of the House or Senate.  For some bills there is a link to notes as well.

The Chamber reads and evaluates all bills during each session.  The bills on this tracking list are the most interesting or the most urgent or, on occasion, the oddball ones that are too funny to keep to ourselves.

The links below will take you to the South Dakota Legislative Research Council page.  From this page, you will be able to track bills and watch committee meetings and floor sessions.  The second link provides easy access to legislator contact information.

Go To Legislative Bills Page

Go To Email Legislator Page

This link leads to the South Dakota Legislative Research Council home page.
Go To SD Legislative Research Council Home Page

2018 Legislative Social Calendar - Click here to access

2018 Legislative Session and Ballot Measure Report
Click here for the report.

April 2018 David Owen's Post-Legislative Tour Presentation
Click here for the PDF file.

2018 Legislative Handbook
As your complete guide to the 2018 Legislative Session, the Handbook includes legislator listings, committee schedules and members, legislative calendar and more.   Limited quantities available.

To order, contact Mary Anne Boyd, VP Program Services, at 1-877-817-8215 or email maryanneb@sdchamber.biz.  Quantity discounts are as follows.

1 – 24 Books      $4.25 each + postage

25 – 49 Books    $4.00 each + postage

50 – 99 Books    $3.50 each + postage

100+ Books        $3.25 each + postage

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